About Us

OEW Group's mission is to offer the best skin care to its customers and empower independent distributors and retail outlets with a rewarding business opportunity.

Our relentless efforts in the search for natural and affordable ingredients blend harmoniously with cutting edge technology and craftsmanship to create unique formulas and products. Our new Royal Esence™ product line presents a promise of high standards that will fuel its rapid growth in Malaysia, Indonesia, India and USA.

Our embodiment of happiness is the dedication to corporate social responsibility through enrichment and meaningful contribution to the community. Innovation is what drives our company growth and product popularity. We call it the Ortus difference!


To be highly tuned so as to helping our independent distributors, retail outlets and their customers become prosperous and beautiful, while at the same time being a socially responsible corporation that is dedicated to giving back to the community and those around us.


To be a highly responsible, successful, lean and fast moving people-based company that creates value for all.

Statement of Founder and Chairman

I had no ambition of becoming a successful entrepreneur when I started. All I knew was that I had to provide for my family. This was the biggest factor in my success. I refused to take ‘no’ for an answer. Slowly but surely, I watched my business grow from just a few agents to bases in Canada, india and the united states. It is because I have experienced these hardships that I want to make life easier for others just like me to succeed without unnecessary hardships. That’s why at OEW GROUP, we offer our dealers a support network, personal training and much more. We want our leaders to succeed and to succeed greatly as we are there every step of the way.

Dato Jaswinder Kaur

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