About Us

We Truly Care

OEW Group is founded around the experience of sharing the wellbeing of health, wealth and confidence with people. What started out as a humble business within our community after 10 years now is growing and expanding everyday into bigger communities bridging through other countries (South East Asia, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Hong Kong, Canada & Eastern Europe) and cultures. We’re becoming more colourful every day!

Biotechnology and Nature

What Do We Do Exactly?

We produce A-quality raw materials for your health, wellness and skin care products. It does not stop there, with the help of biotechnology we combine ingredients like algae and active plant-based micro-organisms to produce ingredients suitable for nutraceutical and vaccine productions. This is to deliver an optimum health, wellness and the best aesthetic experiences to you.

Health Care, Wellness, Skin Care and Business Opportunities

Optimum health, comfortable financial status and the confidence to explore makes you a lot receptive to enjoy the best of life and we provide the tools and means for you to do exactly that. Our organization is all about providing the best Health Care│ Wellness│ Skin Care│ Business Opportunities for your wellbeing.

Green-Friendly Biotechnology

We strictly practice an eco-friendly biotechnology process. All operations are done with compliance to the sustainable development rules. We take care of nature & nature takes care of us.

Who Are We

We are an eco-science-led organization that provide solutions and value that improves the life of global customers.

Vision & Mission

To build rewarding opportunities and become the leading biotechnological manufacturer and supplier of premium-quality raw ingredients for health, wellness, skin care and nutraceutical products.


To deliver the benefits of bio-technologically processed ingredients to manufacturers and enable high quality active ingredients for nutraceutical, healing and wellness products.

Our Values

Embrace Excellence

We always aim for exemplary attributes – world-class people, client servicing and business practices.

Embracing Responsibilities

We take care of nature & nature takes care of us. Our practices are strictly in consideration of our surroundings & environment.

Embracing Human Togetherness

We believe strongly in togetherness and treat out co-workers, clients the way we’d like to be treated – with genuine care, kindness and respect.

Embracing Change & Growth

Our principles are based on continuous improvement. We aim to get better at what we do every day – working diligently on leadership abilities, warm client servicing, latest market trends and expansion.

Embracing the Journey

We serve beyond expectation and believe that every journey has its own teachings. This is a journey of mutual growth for us where we teach and learn at the same time.

Our Partners